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Exclusive interior care for your car

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When it comes to the interior of your car, you will find a variety of materials such as plastic, leather, vegan leather, metal and screens. Additionally, there are sensitive materials such as carbon, wood and piano lacquer interiors that require specific cleaning, care and protection.

SWISSVAX understands the importance of using appropriate products that are tailored to different interior materials. We recognize the importance of maintaining your car's interior with precision and expertise. With our extensive knowledge and range of specialized products, we ensure that every material receives the care it deserves. Trust SWISSVAX to provide you with the solutions and instructions for effective cleaning,
To provide care and protection for your car interior - from plastic and leather to carbon, wood and piano lacquer surfaces. With our expertise, you can keep your car's interior in perfect condition and enjoy an upscale driving experience.

We have the right products for all materials

Whether your requirements include wood, metal, carbon, screens, piano lacquer or plastic care, SWISSVAX is your solution. Use our diverse product range for comprehensive interior care.

Wood care products

Maintain your car's wooden interior. With SWISSVAX you can not only clean your wooden surfaces and interior, but also polish and wax the wooden decoration in your car.

Metal care products

Clean and polish metal and chrome surfaces in the interior of your car with SWISSVAX metal & chrome polish and our polishing cloths.

Carbon care products

Carbon fiber interior and exterior parts are not only decorative on your car, these parts also require special treatment. You can also wax carbon surfaces with SWISSVAX car wax.

Piano lacquer care products

The shiny piano black surfaces in your car interior are very susceptible to fingerprints and dust. Regular, gentle cleaning is essential to maintaining their elegant appearance and ensuring these delicate surfaces remain pristine and enhance the luxurious feel of your vehicle interior.

Screen care products

Touch screens in your car interior are susceptible to fingerprints and dust due to the static effect of the screen. Remove fingerprints and dust from car touchscreens with SWISSVAX Quick Finish and our unique Micro-Polish. The anti-static effect prevents your screen from getting dusty too quickly.

Leather care

It's almost impossible to find an interior that doesn't incorporate leather or its vegan counterpart into its design. These materials not only add a touch of luxury and elegance, but also require some maintenance to maintain their shine and durability.

Understanding how to properly care for and maintain these materials is critical. But with the right tools and products, this doesn't have to be a difficult task. This is where our SWISSVAX products come into play, expertly formulated to make this maintenance easier.

These products ensure that your leather goods are not only clean but also well protected to extend their life and vibrancy. Find out more about our recommended care techniques and the SWISSVAX range that can simplify your leather care process, thereby increasing the beauty and longevity of your interior.